05 April 2020

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Mama Baby Bliss Truly Bumptious Pregnancy Massage

Anyone who has been pregnant will know what a truly amazing incredible nine months it is. With many highs – from the pregnancy test to the first scan, hearing the heartbeat and deciding on potential names – there are also challenging times in any pregnancy. It can be an extremely physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging time. From the exhaustion of the first trimester when its all a big secret, raging hormones, anxiety, aches and pains, no wonder that we are seeing more and more ladies come in for some hands on, well deserved pampering. We feel thrilled to offer each lady an hour of precious ‘me-time’

With 1 in 5 women experiencing mental health problems in pregnancy or the first year after birth, it is so important to talk to people about how you’re feeling and to know it is OK not to be OK. At a time when most of the focus is on your precious, growing bump, it is important to prioritise some time and space just for you. After all – your body is doing the most amazing thing it will ever do!

Massage is a holistic treatment that helps the connection between our mental and physical state and the link between you and your baby. Pregnancy massage helps to reduce stress hormones and increases the release of endorphins and oxytocin – ‘the love hormone’ – which is highly beneficial for both Mama and baby. By the time you reach the second and third trimesters, you will become more aware of the changes in your body and you may be much more aware of more ailments, aches and pains. The potential headaches caused by hormones, swelling from fluid retention, back and hip pain from carrying the increasing weight of your little bundle of joy… Luckily our pregnancy massage can help with all of this!

Using specific and specially developed positioning and techniques, our massage treats the whole body, focussing on the back and hips to ease away aches and pains. We can also treat your delicate bump and finish with a stress relieving scalp massage.

Gigi will make sure you are safely and comfortably positioned on your side with plenty of pillows for support throughout your treatment. We allow plenty of time for you to get dressed afterwards and like to recommend that you sit in our lovely treatment room with a soothing herbal tea before going back to the outside world !

Our advice… don’t leave it too late in your pregnancy to start having this special treatment. If there is ever a time to treat yourself, THIS IS IT!! Drop some hefty hints to whoever will listen and pop it on your baby shower gift list!

This wonderful massage is amazing as a post-natal treatment with lots of our ladies preferring this option for some time after pregnancy.

Mama Baby Bliss massage is suitable from 14 weeks. Occasionally some medical conditions may mean we need a note from your midwife and unfortunately some conditions can prevent us from treating during pregnancy. Please get in contact with us if you have any questions.

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